Interning at Stella McCartney – Day 1

Interning at Stella McCartney – Day 2
13th April 2016

Today was my first day of Work Experience at the eponymous fashion house Stella McCartney!

"Stella" neon sign

If you were wondering how I managed to land this internship, this time last year my school organised a Fashion Show which asked aspiring designers to create their own pieces inspired by the theme RETROFUTURISM. The designs would then be judged by Lucy Watson (a Made in Chelsea star), Sunbeam Jess (a Youtuber), Nancy Gibbs (a fashion blogger) and none other than Stella McCartney herself.

I and my friends decided to do 2 looks inspired by RETROFUTURISM. One look was a white crop top with shattered CD discs glued onto it to reflect the light and create a modern look. This outfit was paired with a white off the shoulder cape and a pair of white wide-legged trousers. The whole outfit was made from the same material (neoprene).

On the other hand, the second look was focused on block colours consisting of navy and neon orange. The “top” was a navy off-the-shoulder poncho which we designed to fall onto the floor and create a trail behind, whilst the bottom was a flash of neon flared trousers, to portray the 1970s.

Surprising enough, after we showcased the designs we were delighted to find out that we had not only won, the Fashion Show but gained a once in a lifetime opportunity to spend a week working at Stella McCartney’s  London Headquarters.

SO …. that is the story of how I got to be in her studio today!

Tomorrow I will be posting on Day 2 and all the exciting things I got to do.

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