Summer Vibes with KROON

New Years Eve Outfit Inspiration – #NYC
30th December 2018
PVC trousers with a flash of red
3rd October 2019


It is almost summer!! To celebrate the season change and me being back on my blog, here are some insane designs from the up and coming designer Charlotte Kroon. Born in the Netherlands and raised in Luxembourg, she moved to London to study at Instituto Marangoni and just graduated. Her brand KROON (Dutch for “a crown”) represents just that! Feeling empowered, happy, free and like a modern day princess is exactly what these clothes do to you. If this isn’t Summer Vibes (in a city) what is?


The fun, cartoonish designs remind you of your favourite animated tv shows from when you were a child, making the nostalgia bittersweet but the designs give a playful twist to your already bright summer wardrobe. The Sleepwear look is brought to life with the hand painted stripes giving the pyjama set a cartoon effect. I feel like a modern-day Alice in Wonderland, still in her pyjamas, waking up from a dream in a colourful bright world.



The soft silk dress contrasted with the burlap belt mixes soft and rough materials to create a dynamic outfit, as the textures contradict each other. Again, Charlotte brings the childhood memories back with the designs of houses, cars and colourful animals on all of the clothing. The constant reminder brings back memories of better, sweeter days.





As KROON was just started sadly the designs are not able to be bought. But I shall keep you posted as to when and where they will be! For now, follow her social media for more updates:  Instagram @krooncha

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