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5th June 2016
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18th September 2016

Today I went to one of the most beautiful exhibitions I have ever seen! Yayoi Kusama in Victoria Miro’s Gallery.

Yayoi-KusamaYayoi Kusama has always been a woman and artist who amazes me everytime I see her work, possibly because the work she creates is inspired by hallucinations and visions which she has that leave her “dazzled and dumbfounded”.

Having grown up and studied painting in Japan, she moved to New York in the 1950s  where she became well known for her provocative aura and exhibitions. She has created art from paintings to sculptures to film to performance to literature to environmental art to product design and to fashion (namely her collaboration with Louis Vuitton in 2012).

She is known for her absurd yet strikingly beautiful work especially her paintings which she creates from a web of paint that covers an entire canvas, on top of which she paints loops to create an illusion of 3D polka dots. Most of her work comes from hullucinations which she had as a young child, in which the world was covered in proliferating forms or pattersn that clouded her vision.

Chandelier of Grief :

You enter a box covered in mirrors and you have under a minute to feast your eyes on a eeriely beautiful chandelier before your ushered out again. The room reflects (literally) Kusama at her most fantastical and baroque.


All the Eternal Love I have for the Pumpkins :

Again, you entered a mirrored box and enter into a place that transports you to something from Alice in Wonderland. Bright yellow pumpkins with black spots surround you in different shapes and sizes and just when you feel sick from colours and emotions you are forced out.


Three new pumpkins made of bronze stand in the middle of the room in three different sizes, as for Yayoi Kusama 3 is a lucky number


Narcissus Garden :

Kusama has created a “kinetic carpet” by creating mirrored spheres which float on the surface of the canal in the Waterside Garden.


Infinity Nets :

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You enter a room with endless paintings all made by a lattice of paint to create these striking pieces of art work which seem to pop out from the canvas.

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I would highly recommend you go visit the exhibition at Victoria Miro 16 Wharf Road London N1 7RW!! Go whilst you can as the exhibition is only on from the 25th May till the 30th July 2016

P.S : Ideally go during the week at 10am to avoid standing in queues for hours as the gallery is small and gets busy quickly!!


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